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Making Money
from your Website

Earn money on your web site, it's simple and free.

If you have a UK based website, make advertising money with an Affiliate Program.

Using Affiliate Programs, companies may advertise on websites other than their own.

If you have a website you can make money from this.

You can add advertisements in the form of banners or text links to your site and you will get paid a commission when someone buys goods using one of these links.

It doesn't cost anything to join an Affiliate Program, and if anyone buys something via the banner or links  on your website, you make money!

There are no limits to how much you can earn. The more sales generated, the more you earn.

Advertisements shown in this way automatically increase the content of your web site and improve visitors' impressions of your site by associating it with high quality brands. Many large retail companies in the UK use Affiliate Marketing. This means your visitors are likely to return to your site more frequently and tell others by word of mouse!

Affiliate Marketing Companies act as middlemen and will have hundreds of different advertisers for you to choose from to enhance your website.
Remember it does not cost anything to place these advertisements on your website and any money you make is automatically handled by the Affiliate Marketing Company.

There are a number of Affiliate Marketing Companies, 2 of the best UK based companies are:

             Tradedoubler and AffiliateWindow.

Click on the links above and take a look at them today to see what they can offer. Remember it is free to sign up and it does not cost anything to place the advertisements.

They may just make you some money!


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